ICC – International Climate Champions

British Council’s International Climate Champions is a programme that works in sixty countries across the globe, with young people who are passionate and committed to action on climate change. We help them develop and implement projects within their local communities that raise awareness of climate change, limit the impact of climate change (adaptation), and reduce carbon footprint (mitigation).

The British Council has been working for the past year with ten International Climate Champions all aged between 13 and 18 selected from schools on the Copperbelt. The ten Champions are part of a global network of young people involved in raising school and community awareness about climate change. Passionate about making a real and lasting difference, they are provided with support and training to help them design and manage low-cost but high-impact climate change projects. The initiative is driven first and foremost by young people - the British Council provides the framework in which ideas can grow and flourish but the direction comes firmly from the young people themselves.

In Zambia we have two core objectives:

The programme will have two strands:


The ten Zambia Champions are inspirational and hard-working young people. Their achievements this year have been amazing. They are truly committed to the future of Zambia and to educating others. They are great role models. We have had tremendous support also from their schools and teachers and from our partners the Environmental Council of Zambia and the Education Post.


The idea behind the ‘Icons’ is threefold:

The British Council’s three climate change Icons are – Hon Vincent Mwale MP (member of the Tourism, Energy and Environment Select Committee), Chibamba Kanyama (SABMiller Group) and Mary Phiri-Tembo (Media 365).

The British Council works in partnership with the Environmental Council of Zambia and the Education Post on the ICC programme.